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Objective of the Department
I) Combating industrial sickness in the State with the objective of resurrecting industrial units that have turned sick or weak or have been forced to close down following sickness.

II) Playing nodal role in restructuring of State PSEs.

The activities of this Department are:
Playing facilitating role for the revival and rehabilitation of closed and sick industrial units (large/medium) with or without the intervention of the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR) in the private & public sectors in the State by way of proactive guidance and co-ordinating the implementation of revival packages with the support of certain relief and concessions as laid out in the West Bengal Industrial Renewal Scheme, 2001 (WBIRS);
Considering cased under the West Bengal Relief Undertakings (Special Provision) Act, 1972 (WBRU).
Administering of certain State Public Sector Enterprises (SPSE) and restructuring of SPSEs under administrative control of different Government Departments.
Co-ordinating recycling of idle /excess land of closed and sick industrial units to generate resources for investment in their revival efforts vis-a-vis setting up of new projects thereon by intending entrepreneurs to ensure continued productive use of such land resources.
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